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Why is Moss on The Roof Bad?

Although the reasons are some what debated in the roof cleaning industry there is definitely one common conclusion and it is that moss is not good for roofs. We have posted a few of the reasons commonly accepted within the industry for why moss is bad for shingle asphalt roofs.

As the moss thickens and grows on an asphalt shingle roof it can raise the shingles up (much like a jack under a car). When the shingles get risen it allows water to go under the shingles causing the decking to rot and causing the roof to leak. The raised shingles also pose problems when heavy winds are present because they will catch the wind like a sail and this can cause shingles to be torn/blown off the roof.
A moss buildup on the roof causes more debris to get trapped on the roof. This debris promotes water buildup which makes the roof at risk of much more rotting and leaking.
Moss can actually damage the asphalt shingle components leaving it to break down faster.


Everett, Washington testimonials

The vinyl siding of our 2 story house was extremely filthy, having not been cleaned for over 10 years.  The house is in the woods, so it had a lot of mildew, soot, spider webs and egg sacks, mold, and pine needles on the siding.  Justin pressure-washed the exterior.  It looks like new siding!  In addition, he cleaned the exterior of the upper story windows, two long, multi-paneled sky lights that jut out over the first floor, and gutters that run the length of the skylights.  Again, an excellent job.  The entire job took about 5 1/2 hours. Justin was punctual and very easy to work with.

-Kathy (Everett, WA)

Justin gave me an estimate & scheduled a day to do the work. He called ahead to let me know he was coming. He actually arrived a little early. He did all the work and I was pleasantly surprised at how clean he got everything; he found only part of the gutters needed cleaning, so he reduced the amount he charged me.

-Marjorie (Everett, WA).

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