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Wood decks can be slippery

Wood and composite decks tend to be the most slippery surface on a property. When a clean deck gets wet, it reduce the amount of friction between your foot and the wood. As soon as you add algae to the equation, that remaining friction all but goes away. Stairs tend to be the most dangerous areas, but falls can easily happen anywhere algae is present. Cleaning your deck every six to twelve months is the best way to keep the traction on your deck. Schedule your cleaning today!

Why is my deck rotting?

Wood decks generally last 10-15 years and as much as 20 years if they are properly maintained. Rot is primarily cause by fungus that lives in the wood. Given the right conditions (moisture, air, wood and warmth) the fungus will spread and cause the wood to become spongy. The best way to prevent this is to keep the deck dry. Covered decks last much longer than those exposed to the weather. If your deck isn't covered, your next best move is to clean and treat it. Allowing a growth inhibitor to penetrate the wood will kill the existing fungus and make the unlivable for future spores. Click here for your free rot treatment estimate.